Easy Shed Building with bricks and wood tips

Do It Yourself Shed Building?

First to build a shed, we need a garden area which depends on the size of shed to build. then we need what type of shed to build either with bricks shed or wooden. Depending on the type gather all the tools like measuring tape, a hammer, a ball of string and  wooden posts to stake out the outline of your shed and other tools.

Building bricks shed its easy, but building with wood take more time than bricks shed because it takes time for cutting the wood in a required shape. The amount to build shed depends on how creatively you build.

Steps to build shed with Bricks:-

1. Need required number of bricks and cement.
2. Pair all the bricks and cement randomly to make the walls.
3. Roof can build with wood which is easy, pair all wooden pieces and make nails to stiff.
4. Paint the walls , that's all over which makes fully build shed.

Steps to build with wood:-

1. Require the exact measurement wooden pieces.
2. Pair all the wooden frames together with nails which makes sidewalls.
3. then make the door with good measurements and design.
4. Stapple the wood pieces one by one with nails and cement to make the roof.
5. Paint all the exterior with nice color, then shed is completed.


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