Natural Skin rashes treatment

Basically, skin rashes are evolved due to several exposures and these skin rashes are of different types like scaly patches of skin , scaly patches of skin produced by fungal or bacterial infection,  red,itchy bumps or patches all over the body and use of chemicals, heavy sun exposure etc. there are different methods to avoid or prevent skin rashes.

1. avoid scratching the itch and don't use any skin products or laundry products with added fragrances.

2. clean or gently wash the skin area with mild soap and cool water on a regular basis. Sometimes prescription medicines, such as an antibiotic and ointments may be prescribed by doctor.

3. use moisturizers twice daily on skin area to hydrate and soften skin, and reduce itching. drink lots of water daily and avoid heavy sugar products.

4. use soapless cleansers or non-alkaline (neutral) soaps and creams like  hydrocortisone cream or selenium sulfide shampoo on the sore areas.

5. avoid whatever you think caused the skin rashes and avoid eating foods that contain gluten.

6. use the banana and take a piece of the peel and place it on the  rash for 10-12 hours for 10 days and use fruits like pineapple, potato, cut them and place it on the rash or affected area.

7. use olive oil and calendula essential oil to soothe dry skin and restore moisture.  the skin can also benefit from the healing and renewal properties of olive oil. skin rashes can be easily treated by applying olive oil to the affected skin.

8. skin rashes can be easily cured by keeping the body cool and wear cotton clothes to cool down the body.


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